Keep Your Loved Ones Close

Welcome to Eternal Jewellery, Australia’s number one store for all things related to cremation jewellery. We specialise in high quality jewellery built to hold your loved ones ashes or hair for an eternity. We provide all different types of jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, lockets, beads,  pendants and rings.

Our Jewellery is built to stand the test of time using quality 925 Sterling silver and solid stainless steel. We know how hard it is to lose a loved one and how important it is for you to remember them dearly without the worry of your cremation jewellery failing you. That's why our artisans pour their utmost love and care into each piece to ensure it not only is perfect for you, but also so it passes our rigorous quality standards.

In addition to human cremation jewellery, we also offer cremation jewellery for your beloved pet too. From popular pets such as cats, dogs and rabbits to other pets that may not be catered for in other stores, we have you covered. Every pet deserves the love and honour of commemoration and we do our best to make that happen with our extensive range of pet cremation jewellery.

Whether you are here for a loved one or a beloved pet, we know how difficult this time in your life is. At Eternal Jewellery, we want to make this time easier for you. Our compassionate staff are here to help guide you through so you can pick the perfect piece for your loved one.