Collection: Memorial Necklaces

Cherish the spirit of your loved one and keep them close to your heart with memorial necklaces from Eternal Jewellery. These exquisite necklaces feature a range of beautiful and heart warming pendants, each equipped with a small compartment designed to hold either your loved one's ashes or a lock of their hair. Available in various materials, designs, and styles, these stunning memorial necklaces serve as a heartfelt tribute to a life well lived.

At Eternal Jewellery, we recognize the need to remember those special moments for as long as you can. That's why we ensure that each of our memorial necklaces meet our stringent quality standards. Our artisans infuse their utmost love, dedication and care into each handmade memorial necklace, guaranteeing that you can preserve the memory of your loved ones for eternity.

Explore our collection of memorial necklaces today and discover the perfect piece for you.