Is Cremation Jewellery a Good Idea?

Two cremation necklaces and one cremation bracelet

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful way to honour the memory of a loved one that has recently passed away then cremation jewellery might just be the perfect solution. This article will delve into the history and benefits of wearing cremation jewellery as well as reasons you should do so.

The History and Significance of Cremation Jewellery

Cremation jewellery has a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations like the Romans, who would wear small containers of ashes as a way to keep their loved ones close. In Victorian times, mourning jewellery became popular, often containing locks of hair or cremated remains.

The significance of cremation jewellery lies in its ability to provide comfort and solace to those grieving the loss of a loved one. It serves as a tangible reminder of the bond shared with the deceased, allowing for a sense of connection that transcends physical boundaries.

Over time, cremation jewellery has evolved and become more elaborate and intricate, with artisans crafting intricate pieces using various materials such as glass, silver, gold, and even the addition of precious gemstones such as topaz or diamonds. Each piece is unique and can often even be customised to reflect the personality and style of the individual it commemorates.

For many people, wearing cremation jewellery is not just about honouring the memory of someone they've lost; it's also a way to carry their presence with them wherever they go. The emotional value attached to these pieces makes them more than just accessories, they become cherished keepsakes imbued with love and memories. At Eternal Jewellery we understand this significance and so have embarked to provide Australians with beautiful and meaningful pieces of cremation jewellery to help remember their loved ones. 

Benefits of Wearing Cremation Jewellery

When it comes to wearing cremation jewellery, there are various benefits that go beyond just being a beautiful accessory. One of the main advantages is the comfort it can provide to individuals who have lost a loved one and a way for them to move through the grieving process. Having a tangible reminder close by can offer solace and a sense of connection at any point throughout the day, which most people find to be helpful.

Cremation jewellery also allows for discreet memorialisation, giving people the option to carry their loved one's ashes with them in a subtle and personal way. Most cremation jewellery is designed in a subtle way to look just like a normal piece of jewellery. This is particularly helpful for those who don’t want others to know that they are wearing cremation jewellery.

Cremation jewellery offers a unique way to honour and remember those who have passed on. Most cremation jewellery can be customised to reflect the individuality and personality of the deceased, creating a special tribute that celebrates their life and is personally meaningful to both you and them.

Reasons for Choosing Cremation Jewellery

When it comes to choosing cremation jewellery, there are various reasons why people opt for this unique and meaningful way of honouring their loved ones. One reason is the desire to keep a physical reminder of the deceased close by at all times. Cremation jewellery allows individuals to carry a small portion of ashes or a lock of hair discreetly within a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Another reason for choosing cremation jewellery is the personal connection it offers. Unlike traditional urns or burial plots, wearing cremation jewellery provides a sense of intimacy and comfort as it keeps memories alive through daily wear. It serves as a tangible symbol of love and remembrance that can be cherished for years to come.

Some people even find solace in the idea that their loved one's essence is not confined to an urn but rather integrated into something they can wear every day. The concept of carrying a part of them physically close brings comfort during moments when one may feel the need for their presence.

Whether you go with a pendant, bracelet, ring or any other type of cremation jewellery, the emotional significance remains the same. It is a cherished keepsake that honours the memory of our beloved departed ones for years to come. The beauty and meaning behind cremation jewellery make it a truly special way to remember and celebrate the lives of those we hold dear. Eternal Jewellery provides Australians tangible and meaningful ways to help grieve their loved ones. If you are in need of quality made cremation jewellery, then shop our wide range of cremation jewellery today and find your perfect piece.