Everything You Need To Know About Cremation Pendants

4 cremation pendants with the caption "everything to know about cremation pendants"Cremation jewellery and particularly cremation pendants have been growing in popularity as touching and heartfelt ways to remember recently deceased loved ones. As more and more people are looking for ways to express their love and to grieve their loved one through the use of cremation pendants, many questions can come about regarding their use, how to care for them and others. This article will discuss the most common questions asked when it comes to cremation pendants and anything else you need to know about them.

Is It Okay To Wear Cremation Pendants?

Depending on your religious, cultural and personal values, the answer to this question may vary. Cremation pendants are safe to wear and can be worn indefinitely just like any other piece of jewellery. Different religions forbid the use of cremation as a funerary rite, and so naturally in these religions it is not suitable to wear cremation pendants or any cremation jewellery. Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism venerate cremation and so for practitioners of these religions, cremation pendants are perfectly suitable. The most commonly followed religion in Australia is Catholicism and the Vatican have recently supported cremation stating it does not prevent God from raising up the deceased to new life, making wearing cremation pendants perfectly reasonable. As for personal preference, as long as you feel comfortable and want your loved one to be with you then cremation pendants will be perfect for you.

How Much Ash Do You Need To Put Inside?

To properly carry your loved one with you in a beautiful cremation pendant, you only need to put in a small amount of their ashes inside. Most cremation pendants are only designed to hold a small amount of ash, about an eighth of a teaspoon. Ideally, you would want to fill the cremation pendant for as much as it can hold but you want to leave a small space at the top so that you can properly seal off the chamber. Over filling the pendant can lead to improper sealing of the compartment holding the ash which can lead to potential failure and spillage of ash. To avoid this, we recommend filling the cremation pendant with ash and then checking to ensure the chamber can be securely tightened to its maximum extent. 

Can You Get Your Cremation Pendant Wet?

Every cremation pendant from Eternal Jewellery is designed to be securely fit and waterproof but it is still recommended to not submerge your piece for maximum safety. It is recommended to take off your cremation pendant before showering, swimming or any other activity involving submersion in water. Getting your cremation pendant wet can be okay, but it is recommended to keep it dry to prevent staining, tarnishing and other degradation of the material. 

Researching and making yourself knowledgeable on cremation pendants and other pieces of cremation jewellery is great to ensure it is the right fit for you. Knowing the commonly asked questions helps in seeing how your day to day will fare if you were to pick up a piece for you and your loved one. Cremation pendants are a great way of honouring your loved ones life and memory. Eternal Jewellery provides Australians tangible and meaningful ways to help grieve their loved ones. If you are in need of a quality made cremation pendant, then shop our wide range of cremation pendants today and find your perfect piece.