Complete Guide to Wearing Cremation Jewellery

At Eternal Jewellery, we believe that cremation jewellery is a truly beautiful and honouring tribute you can make for your loved one. That's why we compiled a guide in order to provide you with the knowledge and tips on the best way to wear your cremation jewellery. In this guide we will discuss many different commonly asked questions such as if it's okay to wear your cremation jewellery all the time, can you wear cremation jewellery in the shower and more.

Can you always wear cremation jewellery?

Wearing your cremation jewellery is perfectly acceptable for most situations in life. Whether you want to wear it daily or only on occasion, cremation jewellery is perfectly suitable for the workplace, leisurely outings and anything in between. You can even sleep with your cremation jewellery. The only times you wouldn't want to wear cremation jewellery are at times in which it could pose a safety risk such as with heavy machinery or any time your piece of cremation jewellery could be damaged. These situations could include water based activities such as showering, bathing or swimming or heavy and intense exercise. In most other situations, you can wear your cremation jewellery and have no issue at all.

Is it common to wear cremation jewellery?

Cremation Jewellery has become much more popular in recent years as a unique and beautiful way to pay tribute to a deceased loved one. Cremation jewellery comes in all shapes and forms and due to its recent popularity, the amount of designs, materials and overall variety have increased dramatically. It has never been easier to find the perfect piece of cremation jewellery to suit you and your loved one. From cremation bracelets to cremation rings, cremation pendants or memorial lockets, there is a perfect piece to be worn by anyone going through grief. Many have even found that wearing their cremation jewellery gives them something tangible to remember their loved one and actually helps with the grieving process. Cremation jewellery has also become really popular due to being customisable. Custom cremation jewellery is truly special to the wearer and is becoming increasingly more common as people look for ways to make it unique to them and their loved one. Cremation jewellery doesn't just look beautiful, it is also a way for people to help deal with the heavy emotions they are experiencing in this difficult time.

Can you wear cremation jewellery during a wedding?

There are no explicit rules or cultural norms stating that you can't wear cremation jewellery during a wedding. However, weddings are a very personal thing to the newlyweds and their family and so it is generally recommended to ask if it is okay to do so.

Can you wear cremation jewellery in the shower?

You should not wear any cremation jewellery in the shower. Shower water and the chemicals used in cleaning products such as shampoos can corrode the metal slowly and eventually compromise the integrity of your cremation jewellery. The seal that holds the jewellery together and the cremation jewellery itself is generally waterproof, but isn't rated for submersion in water. Light splashes from washing your hands or rainfall is fine but bathing and showering could compromise the seal and leak into the chamber, contaminating and potentially even removing the ashes held inside. Even a completely tightened and epoxy sealed piece can still pose a risk of damage and so it is always recommended to take off your jewellery before you shower, bathe or swim and simply put it back on after you are finished.

How long should you wear cremation jewellery? 

You can wear cremation jewellery for as long as you feel comfortable. Many people wear their cremation jewellery until they feel they have sufficiently moved on from their grief. However long you decide to wear your cremation jewellery is entirely up to you. It's a highly personal experience and ultimately it is up to you to decide how long you wish to wear it. Forever or just for a couple of days, it is your choice.

Eternal Jewellery provides Australians tangible and meaningful ways to help grieve their loved ones. If you are in need of a quality made piece of cremation jewellery, then shop our wide range of jewellery today and find your perfect piece.