How To Put Ashes Into Cremation Jewellery

How to place ashes text with a cremation necklace, cremation ring and ash handling kitPurchasing a lovely and thoughtful piece of cremation jewellery is a touching way to remember a loved one. Cremation jewellery has seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years as it has become a way of remembering your loved one but also carrying them with you in a way that keeps you close to their memory. Putting their ashes inside can however be a bit tricky and so this article will explain everything you need to know in order to place their cremation ashes into your chosen peace safely and successfully. 


The very first step in ensuring your endeavour to place their ashes inside your cremation jewellery piece is to prepare the area in which you will do so. You want to firstly make sure you have a clean area set aside to complete the task, with no open windows, working fans or any other air disturbances. As the process of putting ashes inside such a small space can be difficult, we also recommend working in a quiet area or room free from external distractions and noises. As you are dealing with a fine ash, you want to make sure you are working on a desk, preferably with a tray or large flat sheet to catch any ash that may not go where intended. You will also want to make sure all the tools you will use, such as the complimentary ash handling kit included with every cremation jewellery piece ordered from Eternal Jewellery, are within your reach before you begin.

Open the Compartment

Once your preparation is complete, you will then want to begin opening the compartment in which the ashes will be held. You will want to check how the compartment is opened, of which there are normally two ways it can be. Common in most cremation pendants and cremation necklaces, the way to open the piece will be to simply unscrew the pendant from the connection point to the chain. You can normally do this with just your fingers in a standard anti clockwise fashion. The other way that can be present is normally in the form of a small flat head screw, which can appear mainly on cremation rings and cremation bracelets but also some cremation pendants too. With these types, a complimentary small flathead screwdriver will be added to your order to allow you to easily open the compartment.

Carefully Pour the Cremation Ash

After the compartment is open for your cremation jewellery piece, you are now ready to begin the process of pouring the ashes inside. To do this, make sure you have in hand the small funnel and ash handling poker ready as you will need it. Place the piece in a comfortable position and secure it so it can't move, either with your non-dominant hand or some other item to prop it up. Then place the funnel inside of the compartment and carefully begin scooping out the ash from its chosen receptacle and placing it in the funnel. You can place it using a small spoon or another tool to carefully move and pour the ash. You can use the poker to push any ash that isn’t willing to move freely through the funnel.

Seal and Wear

Once your piece of cremation jewellery can no longer hold any moreash, then you are finished with the process. Carefully remove the funnel and grab the connection point of the chain that you previously unscrewed to screw it back on to the pendant. If you have a piece that uses the small flathead screw, then simply screw it back in with the provided small flathead screwdriver. Once this is complete, you are free to wear your chosen cremation jewellery piece wherever you go.

These are the simple steps to follow to place your loved ones ashes inside a loving piece of cremation jewellery. Whatever piece you choose, you will know through this guide how to easily place their ashes inside. Eternal Jewellery provides Australians tangible and meaningful ways to help grieve their loved ones. If you are in need of a quality made piece of cremation jewellery, then shop our wide range of jewellery today and find your perfect piece.