What Are Cremation Beads?

Cremation beads of various colours with the caption: "cremation beads, what are they"Commemorating the life of a loved one who recently passed can be such an important thing to do. It helps tremendously with the grieving process and can be done in many different ways. The rise of popularity with cremation has led to an increase in people looking for ways to commemorate their loved ones. The most common ways are through cremation urns and recently, cremation jewellery. Cremation beads are a truly touching and heartwarming way to remember your loved one and this article will go into detail about what they are and how they can be beneficial to you.

What Is A Cremation Bead

A cremation bead is a small bead designed to hold cremation ashes or be made with the cremation ashes of your loved one. The ashes can be infused normally with glass or epoxy to create a truly eye catching and beautiful cremation bead. When cremation beads are made, since the glass or epoxy is fused with the cremation ashes itself, they can comfortably hold all of the ash without spilling any. These beads can be worn around a necklace or bracelet and can come in a variety of different colours and patterns. Depending on where you get them from, cremation beads can vary greatly though most will fit a generic bracelet or necklace. The good thing about cremation beads is that they are quite discreet from their true purpose and don’t show others exactly what it is you're carrying. This is good as you may not want other people to know exactly what it is you're keeping with you. Cremation beads and cremation jewellery in general are a great way of keeping your loved one close to you after they've passed away. Though small in size, they can give you a huge benefit in dealing with your grief.

Why You Need A Cremation Bead

Getting a cremation bead can be really beneficial for you and others bereaved members. Since they only hold a small amount of cremation ash, you can get a cremation bead for each of them to help honour the memory of your loved one. Cremation beads help with the grieving process by giving you a tangible way to remember your loved one. You can hold the bead to remind yourself all of the great times and moments you shared together. Keeping a cremation bead with you can give you happy and touching reminders of who they were throughout the day. You can even get matching cremation beads for your whole family so you can all carry your loved one together. A cremation bead will help you through this difficult time and you can wear it to any occasion. Let your cremation bead help you and carry your loved one with you wherever you go in a small and discreet way.

Knowing what a cremation bead is can be a vital step to the research you need to ensure your loved one is honoured and their memory cherished. Being helpful in dealing with grief is a tremendous benefit that these small beads can offer. Eternal Jewellery provides Australians tangible and meaningful ways to help grieve their loved ones. If you are in need of quality made cremation beads, then shop our wide range of cremation beads today and find your perfect piece.