What Is Memorial And Cremation Jewellery?

Four memorial bracelets and a cremation pendant with a decorative rose and candle with the caption "whats the difference?"Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult points in anyone's life. A traumatic experience such as that leads one to ask what they can do. Keeping their memory near and dear has helped many deal with the grieving process and this is where memorial and cremation jewellery can really help. Memorial and cremation jewellery are two very similar but equally powerful ways to honour your loved ones memory. This article will discuss the differences between the two, what they are and how they can be used to help you navigate this difficult time in your life.

What is Memorial Jewellery?

Memorial jewellery is jewellery made to evoke the memory of someone close to you who has passed away. Memorial jewellery normally comes with certain ways to tribute that person, such as with a memorial locket that has a small compartment to hold your loved ones photo. Memorial jewellery can also be etched or inscribed with a small saying that was important to both of you or even their names as an extra added significance. Some memorial jewellery allow you to place a small lock of hair inside a special compartment as well, though this feature is more commonly found with cremation jewellery. Memorial jewellery can also be customised to include an etched portrait of your loved one onto the piece itself. There are many facets of memorial jewellery to help memorialise your loved one in a meaningful and special way.

What is Cremation Jewellery?

Cremation jewellery has the same functionality as memorial but with one major addition. The main difference between memorial and cremation jewellery is that cremation jewellery allows you to store a small amount of cremation ash inside the piece itself. This is normally done by unscrewing the compartment that then allows you to keep the ash securely inside. Cremation jewellery is great for people who want to memorialise their loved one in a tangible and special way. A lot of people who purchase an urn for the cremated remains of their loved one can feel distant from their memory when they are out and about. This is where cremation jewellery can help as you know you're carrying a piece of them with you and close to your heart, where they belong. Eternal Jewellery offers both memorial and cremation jewellery options so that you have the most options at your disposal.

Which one Should I Get

It really depends on your own personal preferences for the answer to that question. If you like the idea of carrying a small part of the person with you wherever you go, then cremation jewellery is the right answer for you. If you might feel uncomfortable with that prospect, then you should stick with memorial jewellery as that won't have any remains, only sweet memories you shared with your loved one. At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you as to which one speaks to you more. Whichever one you do get, they are both sure to help you in this hard time of your life. Cremation jewellery and memorial jewellery alike have been shown to help people move through their grief as it gives them a meaningful and tangible way to remember them when they need to throughout the day. Whichever one you pick, you can rest assured you are not only doing right by your loved one but also for yourself. 

Memorial jewellery and cremation jewellery may only be slightly different but they can both offer you and your family tremendous benefits in dealing with grief. Eternal Jewellery provides Australians tangible and meaningful ways to help grieve their loved ones. If you are in need of a quality made piece of memorial jewellery or cremation jewellery, then shop our wide range of jewellery today and find your perfect piece.