What Jewellery Holds Cremation Ashes?

Jewellery as we all know comes in many different shapes, sizes and materials and hold various significant meanings to us. From a dignified look to a passed down piece of family memorabilia, jewellery has been an important part of human culture for millennia. A particularly important piece of jewellery that many have discovered and are using in their everyday lives is cremation jewellery. Cremation jewellery are pieces of jewellery that come in various different designs, styles and materials and are purposefully made to hold the cremation ashes of your loved one. This article will dive into this type of jewellery, the significance of cremation jewellery, types, materials and even customisation options that can be available for these unique pieces of jewellery designed to hold cremation ashes.

The Significance of Cremation Jewellery

Cremation jewellery holds a huge amount of significance for those who wear it as it serves as a tangible tribute to their passed loved one. Being able to carry a part of your loved one with you symbolically and literally can be profoundly impactful in navigating through the grieving period. It gives you a means to hold on to your loved one wherever you go, providing you a moment to reminisce and remember the good times you shared together. Cremation jewellery is designed to primarily hold ashes but can also hold a small locket of hair or other symbolic items from a person. This symbolic meaning of bringing a part of them with you wherever you go means that you won't forget them anytime soon and the significance of that fact can be a really powerful tool in the struggle against grief. Custom cremation jewellery can also be made to truly and personally represent your loved one, giving you a truly meaningful way of remembering them.

Types of Cremation Jewellery

There are many different types of cremation jewellery, each that hold their own meaning and significance to the individual wearer as well as suiting their preferences. Let's take a look at some of the common types of cremation jewellery that can be found.

1. Cremation Pendants and Necklaces

By far the most common type of cremation jewellery to be found is through cremation pendants and necklaces. Usually made from the widest range of materials, these cremation necklaces usually come with pendants that are designed to hold a small amount of ash. It is possible to open the chamber of these cremation pendants usually by twisting the connection between the pendant and chain, or alternatively a small screwdriver can be used to open a way to the inner chamber. Both of these types of openings are very easy to use and most cremation pendants come with a complimentary ash handling kit so placing the ashes inside them is easy.

2. Cremation Bracelets

Cremation bracelets are another common type of cremation jewellery. They are designed to have universal fitting and so can fit on most wrists as they are adjustable. Cremation bracelets generally have a charm attached which holds the ashes of your loved one.

3. Cremation Rings

Cremation rings also hold the ashes of your beloved. They generally contain a small screw opening on the underside of the ring, letting you put in a small amount of ash. This opening is generally hidden as it sits on the inside of the ring, giving you a more discreet remembrance.

4. Cremation Earrings

Cremation earrings are a generally rarer type of cremation jewellery and can hold a small amount of ash. Though they are not so common, they can still be incredibly beautiful and meaningful pieces of loving memorabilia.

5. Memorial Lockets

Memorial lockets not only have a chamber for cremation ashes but also a small space for a photo of your loved one. These are amazing memorial pieces that give your loved one a truly special tribute to their life.

Materials and Customisation

Cremation jewellery is available in a wide range of materials, each offering its own unique aesthetic and significance.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is a hard wearing material and generally the most affordable too. A perfect choice for those who wish to have a durable yet beautiful option.

Sterling Silver: 

Sterling silver has been in use in jewellery for centuries and its craftsmanship is truly one to behold. Its use in cremation jewellery is beautiful and gives your piece a wonderful lustre and tributes your beloved at a reasonable price.


Gold cremation jewellery can be expensive but comes with an absolutely gorgeous shine. A lucrative and truly beautiful option, gold cremation jewellery usually comes plated but solid gold options are available too.

Glass and Resin: 

Glass and resin cremation jewellery is not as common but can also make some truly unique and gorgeous pieces. These pieces may not be as hard wearing as their metallic based counterparts but are truly amazing tributes nonetheless.

Customisation Options

Cremation jewellery can be easily customised to fit your preferences. From selecting the perfect piece, material and type of jewellery, you can then even put on your own personal touches. Many designs can be laser engraved to include the name of your loved one, as well as other information you might wish to include. While not every design can be customised, most can accommodate a small area to include any personalisation's you choose. If you want a customised piece of cremation jewellery, please email Eternal Jewellery and we will do our best to make it for you.

Cremation jewellery is specifically designed to hold the ashes of your loved one. They can come in a range of different types, designs and materials and can even be customised to your personal liking and preference. Eternal Jewellery provides Australians tangible and meaningful ways to help grieve their loved ones. If you are in need of a quality made piece of cremation jewellery, then shop our wide range of jewellery today and find your perfect piece.